About Alive New Orleans

Alive New Orleans Supports the Constructive & Creative Growth of New Orleans and stands opposed to the opposition that would hold our city back.


Alive New Orleans is for a city that is focused on the future and aggressive in promoting growth. Restoring New Orleans’ rightful place as a center of the U.S. and World economy so that we can have a strong, vibrant & prosperous population that has the capacity to meet our own needs.


We want to:

  • Reduce the obstacles to our growth and rejuvenation.
  • Encourage the city to create an “easy button” to opening businesses in New Orleans.
  • Advocate for a less restrictive zoning code that allows for creative use of properties.
  • Continuously assist the city in finding ways to streamline and enforce the municipal code by discouraging narrowly geographically targeted codes.
  • Be a strong voice for economic development, particularly in sectors that are underdeveloped currently and utilize the graduates of our colleges and universities.
  • Suggesting policies and laws to lawmakers that help New Orleans grow. Also working with civic leaders on removing barriers to growth and the ordinances, rules, regulations and laws that act as an obstacle to change.